We invite you to enjoy the hospitability of this Refugio de la Patagonia (Shelter of Patagonia), built with the valuable wood of the region, cultivating materials used since the colonization, but with a modern architecture keeping the warmth and brightness of its insides. In El Puesto Hostal you will find a big and pleasant space to rest and share The Patagón Style in nine comfortable rooms and an excellent cuisine with the attention personalized of its own owners. I will also be you logistic center, from where you will be able to do multiple activities outdoor.

The Hostal (Shelter) contains 9 rooms: 1 matrimonial, 6 twin rooms, 1 triple room (1 double bed and 1 single), one Four-bed room (1 double bed and 2 singles), which give us a capacity of 21 people in 18 beds. Every room has its own private bathroom, towels and hairdryer, hot water, chambermaid service and heating. The fee includes a delicious breakfast, private parking, WIFI, aperitif or a “welcome drink”. However It does not include amenities, TV and telephone.

Just like you, we care about the environment, which is why we work integrally the three areas of sustainability (economic, social and environmental), being coherent with our vision, and taking are of the carbon footprint we leave in the planet. We are determined to give sustainable accommodation, and for this reason, we added elements of energy efficiency to the architectural design of the Hostal (Shelter), thinking about maximizing the use of passive energies. We use solar thermal panels for heating and water heating, LED technology for lighting and modern water- saving bathroom fittings. Besides, we use products that cause low impact of contamination, promote to minimize the wash of towels and sheets saving water and energy of our facilities, use compost and are responsible with the treatment of the garbage.

Thanks to all these considerations is why our company has received certification, and obtained the seal of Alojamiento Sustentable BIOSFHERE (sustainable accommodation BIOSFHERE), making us really proud.

As policy, we ask our guests to remove their shoes in the entrance, in order to feel more comfortable and relaxed, just like being at home. This also helps to keep the place clean.

Due to the recent arrival of cellphone service to the region and with the goal of keeping an atmosphere of harmony and quietness, as it has always been here, we propose our guests to be a “Ring Free Hostal” by changing their phones to silence mode. With this initiative, we preserve the rest and privacy of everyone and promote a total disconnection of noise and also to enjoy a nice conversation..

Check In: 15:00 hrs

Check Out: 11:00 hrs